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Water leaks are a costly nuisance, whether in the form of exaggerated bills, or in damage repairs. While some leaks can easily be seen, others are tough to notice and sometimes you may only notice them after the leak causes massive damage to your house.

Knowledge is power, and it is good to know the signs that might indicate a hidden water leak.

Signs that can indicate a hidden water leak

1. Unusual high water bills

If you have noticed this, then there must be a leakage in your pipes. If your water usage hasn’t changed in the recent past and the bills have gone up outrageously, then you should consider looking for a leak detection service so that they can locate the leak in your water line.

2. Your water meter confirms you’ve got a leak

Your water finally confirms your fears that there is a leak in your water line.

3. Mould or mildew on shower walls

If there is a leak in your walls, it is the perfect breeding area for mould or mildew.

4. Musty smell

Old water that has accumulated over time smells musty, so if you feel there is a musty smell in your home, then there is a high chance that there is a leak in your home.

How to identify a suitable leak detection company

If your house has all of these or perhaps a few of these signs, then you should look for leak detection services. Water leaks may seem as a minor thing, but they can cause significant loses in your home. So if you suspect that there is a leak in your home, it would be a good idea to confirm your fears by hiring leak detection services. A leak detection company like ADI leaks will come and locate the leaks around your home and fix them.

Below are qualities of a good leak detection company

  • They should respond to your call as quickly as possible. As discussed, water leaks are not something that should be delayed. ADI leaks responds quickly when you invite them over to come and locate a leak.
  • A leak detection company should have the appropriate leak detection equipment. ADI leaks is a professional leak detection company based in the UK, they use leak detection equipment to detect leaks in and around your house effectively. They use thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices, tracer gases and leak correlators. This equipment can detect up to 99% of the leaks in your home, and it does not matter if you suspect the leak is from inside your walls, these equipment can detect the leaks.
  • You should choose a leak detection service that is nearest to your home. ADI leaks is there to help fix your water line leaks appropriately and effectively.
  • Above all, the company should be affordable. Their prices should be fair and relevant to services offered.

The main water leaks that ADI Leaks can trace and fix

This company knows leaks are notorious and they can happen anywhere in your home. Examples of leaks that the company can handle.

  • Heating system leaks
  • Water mains leaks
  • Underground water leaks
  • Swimming pool pipe leaks
  • Ground source heat pump leaks
  • Hot feed leaks
  • Cold feed leaks


What might seem as a small water leak might cause you a lot of damage in your home. It is always better to call a leak detection company like. ADI Leaks; this way, even the hidden leaks can be easily detected and repaired. Thanks to modern technology, hidden leaks including those in pipes buried in concrete of earth can all be detected with ease. A stitch in time saves nine; don’t wait until it’s too late and leak has morphed into a major hazard that requires structural demolishing to fix.