London’s Graffiti Clean Up Experts

When it comes to commercial or residential properties, the first thing that the eye notices is the walls of the building. And first impressions matter, remember that? Having well maintained, clean, and beautiful walls say a lot about the place, and this is why graffiti is considered an eyesore by many. Few tenant feels very okay viewing or inhabiting a Graffiti infested building.

Graffiti is harder to get rid of than many would like to think. Due to the paint and chemicals used in the aerosol, standard soap and water won’t do. And if you’re thinking of using chemicals to get rid of it, think about the damage chemicals can do before going that route. There are safe and affordable cleaning options that can rid of graffiti without causing any damage to your walls.

Technology has advanced to make it easier to get rid of dirt, grime, and the organic matter quickly while doing no harm to the underlying surface. Whether your walls are made of brick, stone or concrete, steam cleaning is ideal for cleaning practically any surface.

The advantage of steam cleaning includes;

  1. It gets rid of dirt without causing any corrosion
  2. It is ideal for really old buildings prone to the elements. It also works well for modern concrete which is glass reinforced
  3. It is affordable
  4. Gets rid of all sorts of grime, dirt, chewing gum, graffiti, algae, moss and all kinds of organic matter
  5. It restores a building’s original colour and beauty
  6. It is a safe alternative to using chemicals
  7. Reduces the risk of causing damage to buildings
  8. A torik machine can be used at varying heights

There are three main methods we use to get rid of graffiti;

  1. Torik steam cleaner – a torik machine is a piece of cleaning equipment that is ideal for cleaning virtually all types of surfaces. It is suitable for buildings that are quite old and are ideal for new buildings that are built with GRC (glass-reinforced concrete) to maintain the integrity and look of the walls. It works by using a deep steam cleaning system to wash away graffiti, grime, fungi, moss, and all sorts of organic matter. It can also be used at varying heights, making it ideal for tall buildings.
  2. The Mazonni Firebox –this is a high-pressure steam system that works by releasing hot steam at about 150 degrees. At a flow of 25lpm, the hot steam can eliminate paint, graffiti, grime, grease, and other dirt easily without causing any damage to the building. It works well on a wide range of materials; from concrete, granite, tiles, brick, stone, and more.
  3. The Doff Integra system – this is a low-pressure cleaning system which is very powerful when it comes to cleaning surfaces and getting rid of stubborn dirt. Using chemicals can damage walls and can ruin the paint on the walls or can corrode the surface, ruining its natural look. With this 150c steam cleaner, it gets rid of dirt quickly and safely and can be used on virtually all surfaces.

Why hire us to clean your residential and commercial properties

Here are a few reasons why we are the go-to company for all your cleaning needs;

  • We have a team of experts who are knowledgeable about cleaning various areas and know how to get the job done safely and in no time
  • We have modern equipment to carry out a wide range of cleaning tasks
  • We have years of experience under our belt; we have over 6 years’ experience in this field
  • We love what we do, bringing a smile to our clients’ face is what keeps us going
  • You can rely on us to offer quality services while you take care of other things
  • We offer competitive rates for both residential and commercial properties, which include schools, offices, warehouses, retail parks, colleges, industrial units, and more.


Visit our website or give us a call on 01494 355304 so that we can get rid of the graffiti on your commercial or residential property and restore your walls to their former glory!