Does Social Media Marketing Work For Every Business?

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Social media is the grease without which all your marketing efforts risk grinding to a halt. Considering that a huge chunk of UK consumers have access to internet and are active on social media; clearly, social media marketing is a must have for any serious business owner.  You can stay a step ahead of competitors by embracing this smart, cost effective way of marketing.

Does social media work for both established businesses and small start-up businesses?

You probably have already heard people say that social media does not work for small businesses. Some people believe that social media tends to work better with large and established businesses than how it can work with a small business. Well, the truth is that social media can work for both companies.

The reason why many people may think that it does not work for small businesses is that they are doing it all wrong. If you are to market your business wrongly on social media, then you are going to think that it does not work for small business. Before believing these assumptions read this piece and know the common mistakes people make on social media while advertising their brand.

Common mistakes business owners always make on social media

  • Posting the same update on all social media platforms

This is very common with many small business owners. They post the same business update on all social media platforms. As an entrepreneur advertising their business on social media, you should know that every social media platform has a different audience with a different type of views.

Before posting an update, you should try to learn what the audience of a particular platform needs and draw up an update tailor-made for that type of audience. You want people to take a keen interest in your updates, right? Then If you make the mistake of posting the same thing, people will start ignoring your updates thinking that you are just phoning in.

  • You don’t follow back.

Social media is two-way traffic. If you fail to follow or interact with the community on the platforms, you will lose out on so much. If you notice that all your accounts are now in good shape, you should start looking for other organizations and institutions to follow. You can share what they post, comment on what they post- you know, try and find a connection with the communities you find on Facebook. Trying to be part of these communities will increase your chances of people gaining more knowledge about your brand, which is really what you want to happen.

  • Using your personal accounts for business

This is another mistake that many business owners don’t seem to realise. Using a personal account for your business is quite unprofessional. It is a little odd, especially when you post bits of your personal stuff.

  • You do not respond to customer queries.

This is another common mistake that small business commit. When you fail to respond to customer enquiries, some customer takes it as a wrong impression. Try and invest some time to responding to your customers every time they need something answered. Responding might not bring any change as fast as you would like, but soon, you will enjoy some fruits.

  • Your posting is too often, or it is not enough

Balancing stuff works in every aspect of our lives. It also applies to social media posts. You should not post too much, or neither should post too little. For Facebook, you can try posting 5-10 times a week, for Twitter, try posting five times and for LinkedIn once a day. You will need to keep posting enough to gain results but not too much so that your audience want to mute you.

  • Expecting quick results;

Good things take time, and so do social media results. If you are doing everything right, you should have patience. You should know that eventually, everything will take its course and you are going to get amazing results.


This post is not directed at frightening you with the many don’ts, but it is intended to inform you on social media for business. So in final words, yes, social media works for every business. If need be, feel free to contact a professional digital marketer to help you learn the ropes of social media marketing. Otherwise, done right, social media never disappoints. It allows you to reach a wider audience, at very affordable costs.