Business Events in London In July

Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash

Are you interested in learning about business events around London? Want activities that will transform you to another level? Or where you’ll have great opportunities meeting successful entrepreneurs, professionals and experts and like-minded people? We’ve got the best for you.

We’ve put together the top July Business events round ups, that will leave you with unforgettable moments.

Retail Futures: Fashion District Innovation Challenge

July 30, 2019

Location: Workable, level 19 Westfield Avenue, London

In collaboration with the Fashion Innovation Agency, fashion District is announcing the ‘Retail Futures’ theme for this year’s Innovation Challenge Prize.

About the Challenge

The annual challenge prize is designed to handle the current industry issues. SMEs and start-ups will have the opportunity to create the leading industry experts through cash prizes and pitch their ideas to big industry innovationist.

Why should you attend?

  • One of the killer reasons is that you’ll have the chance to chat with industry professionals. They’ll be acting like critical friends when challenging and supporting your proposition and leave you with a constructive feedback.
  • The event will allow you to perceive the challenge and how you can land on a £ 15, 000 cash prize, business advice and get a golden chance to pitch a panel of professionals.
  • You’ll know about the new bespoke mentoring program with eight-month support after application.

The challenge will empower those SMEs who believe they can revolutionize the whole or part of the retail supply chain and later on change the way we shop.

2. Free Business Networking

July 31, London

Do you want to start or scale your business in 2019? Both creatives and innovators, this is the place to be. The event will kick off with an evening theme; ‘storytelling in the digital age’. It will be a great event full of business insight from expert speakers.

Why should you attend?

  • Networking: When it comes to business, building relations is crucial.You need to meet like-minded people to exchange ideas, gain new insight and relate business to one another.
  • 45-second pitching: the event will allow you to pitch your business to a hall full of brilliant mentors and entrepreneurs. 
  • Education: Don’t miss out what the experts have to say. Their valuable insight and great business experiences will help you create your way to the next level, without forgetting it’s all free.

Expert speakers

  • Matt Black-Besides being a serial entrepreneur, he is an author, feminist and expert on early-stage business start-ups.
  • Mike Jelves-a 15 years’ experience video producer with countless creative, corporate and commercial videos.
  •  Adrienne Konecsnik-the social media strategist and other excellent speakers, will join up to sharetheir expertise on how to use video and other means to share your business story on social media.

3. Investors and Entrepreneurs Event

July 31 2019

From the 15 Bishopsgate City of London, here comes another great deal for the entrepreneurs, corporate finance professionals and private investors.

Why you should attend;

  • The event has a lot up companies, including opportunities to pitch for investments.
  • Networking with and sharing business ideas with leaders, likeminded and potential clients.
  • The pitches will typically deal with a wide range of industries such as fintech, fashion and VR.

The event will also feature Institutional and private investors, including Seedlegals, Startup Funding Club and Syndicated Room.

These London Business events round up will genuinely change your life financially. They’ll show you how to connect and trade with successful investors transforming your limiting beliefs on how you perceive money.