3 Tips To Increase Your Business Website Conversion Rate

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Website conversion rates are always lagging, unlike social media ads conversion rates. The conversion rate may, however, differ from website to website. You may find that while your website has a shallow conversion rate, someone else’s website’s conversion rate is higher.

 If your site has a higher rate, it only means that your marketing strategy is excellent and that people love what you are offering them.

If however, your conversion is low, it may mean two things; first, your site and/or your landing page is making it difficult for people to complete an action. Second, your offer is either too expensive, or it’s not that valuable to people. Fortunately, if you decide to take action and look for ways to increase your conversion rate, it might improve, and you will get higher rates of conversion.

This piece will outline possible ways you can use to increase your conversion rate. The first thing that you want to deal with are the two main setbacks to your conversion rates that we had discussed above, which are your offer and your site’s landing pages.

Tips to improve a conversion rate on your website

If you can offer your audience something that will be hard to accept, then your conversion rate will surely increase. Try looking at what your audience needs, like taking a closer look at what they ask you or what they comment on your content. Try taking a closer look at your offer and see if you can improve it to what your audience wants.

If your offer is great and you have confirmed it, it’s time to optimize your site to increase your conversion rate. Here are three tricks your website can use and improve it’s conversion rate.

  • Use a strong CTA (call to action)

An active call to action will persuade people to purchase your offer. You need to research on ways to strengthen your call to action. You can also try different forms of a call to action design. Sometimes authoritative CTAs take the cup. Like for instance, some website owners find that a call to action starting with a ‘yes’ results to increased conversion rate.

You may be amazed at how much these three words make a difference to your overall website’s conversion rate. Picture this; if you visit a garage and do not find a guide telling where to start, you would be confused, right? It is the same with websites, if a visitor is not given a clear guide on where to take action, they would be confused, and the worst thing about websites is that the visitors may leave quite instantly.

Below are quick tips on how to make the call to action button better

  1. Make it stand out from the rest of the content on your website.
  2. Keep the design easy to spot with a consistent design.
  3. Use very active or authoritative messages.
  4. Put them on each page.
  5. Put design elements that show progress like an arrow.
  • Build a sales funnel

Sometimes website owners seem to be too in a hurry to make sales, which in many cases they do not. People coming to your website may be only browsing and not in a position to buy/sign up on anything just yet.  It is crucial to create a sales funnel in a way that builds a form of trust and create a relationship with your audience to prove your expertise.

For instance, for software or services in general, you need to create free trials. In this way, your audience will use your services and love it for them to make a premium action. If you have a DIY website, chances are your visitors are here to learn and fix some problems. Your goal, however, is to have them buy your course. The trick here is to try and give them what they want by providing tutorials and more and more DIY information. This way, they will trust you more even to want to know more by purchasing your course.

  • Show proof

Whatever you are offering should have proof that it is of good quality and it has helped other people who have used it. To show proof, you need to display testimonials. Testimonials can be in the form of positive comments from people who have loved your service or products. These testimonials can be in the form of quoted texts, or they can be in the form of company logos that you choose to display on your website. Case studies and scientific tests and studies can also do the trick for you if you deal with health products.